HHS bribing youth to make pro-ObamaCare propaganda; contest run by former ACORN lobbyist

doa4The Department of Health and Human Services has joined up with the liberal group “Young Invincibles” to hold a video promotional contest urging young Americans to create short pro-ObamaCare propaganda films. Entries must be based on one of three principles that will encourage youth to sign up for ObamaCare:

1. You are NOT invincible

2. Perform a song

3. Make an animation

“Your participation in the contest is about more than the opportunity to win money to help pay off those pesky student loans; this is your chance to help your friends and other young people learn about their new health insurance options,” the notice on the Young Invincibles website reads.

The contest will award $30,000 for over 100 prizes.

As an added slimy bonus to this blatant bribery, the person overseeing the contest is Deepak Bhargava, former lobbyist to the disgraced ACORN group. In 2010, ACORN, the super-liberal Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, was officially disbanded and defunded by Congress “after a video sting operation showed its employees advising activists posing as a pimp and prostitute on how to evade federal taxes and hide crimes including human trafficking and prostitution.”

Because a person who used to lobby for a group promoting tax evasion and human trafficking and prostitution is definitely someone we want giving money to America’s youth.

Bhargava is the current director of the Center for Community Change, which funds the Young Invincibles group, hence why he has been put in charge of the contest. However, this was an astoundingly idiotic move by the Obama administration, as Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) pointed out:

‘The fact that the Obama administration is putting a senior staffer of the now defunct and notoriously corrupt ACORN in charge of giving away cash to bribe young Americans into accepting Obamacare is cause for grave concern,’ Gosar said.

‘This new effort goes to show that the Obama administration will go to questionable lengths to force the American people into government run healthcare.’

It’s sad, really, that Obama is so desperate to promote his failing legislature that he’s willing to employ someone like Bhargava. It would save him a whole lot of face if he would just give up.

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