Republicans are NOT to blame for ObamaCare’s problems

cruzdoaSomehow, some way, Liberals are trying to blame the GOP for the ObamaCare mess.

Uh, what?

For months now, Republican and Tea Party leaders within Congress have been outspoken about the need to stop ObamaCare, and advocates of the law are claiming that their opposition is obstructing its implementation. Sorry, Libs, but that’s actually completely backward:

Also, the fact that [defund ObamaCare] activists won’t give up may be annoying to supporters of the law, but just talk to any one of them and they’ll be the first to tell you that so far they’ve failed utterly. Similarly, asking the NFL to stay out of a bitter political controversy may be unseemly, but such actions haven’t done anything to stop ObamaCare. Indeed, the GOP governors who’ve declined to sign up for Medicaid expansion aren’t obstructing the law; they’re exercising their discretion under the law.

In fact, the only person openly defying ObamaCare is Obama himself. His Department of Health and Human Services declared it would delay the implementation of the business mandate, despite the fact nothing in the law empowers it to do so.

And that’s just the most egregious part. The administration has been issuing thousands of waivers — including to favored constituencies — exempting various parties (such as congressional staffers) from complying with the law because it turns out ObamaCare can’t work as written. That conclusion isn’t mine; it’s the administration’s. That’s why, for instance, HHS and the IRS won’t bother with verifying whether applicants for insurance subsidies are eligible under the law.

ObamaCare can’t get off the ground because it is inherently flawed. Blame for its defectiveness falls squarely on the shoulders of Max Baucus and Co.—NOT the GOP. Congress Conservatives and Libertarians are simply campaigning to stop a law which they KNOW cannot work, and furthermore, a law which is extremely unpopular with the American people.

Perhaps that’s the real reason the Liberals are so up in arms over the GOP’s fight: Because they’re actually trying to grant the public what it wants.

Let’s abandon this sinking ship before it brings us all down with it. Stand with Sen. Ted Cruz and enlist in the Defund ObamaCare Army NOW.