Ten Liberal lies about defunding ObamaCare

cruzdoaThanks to a number of lies being perpetuated by the liberal, sycophant media, many Americans are just as confused about the fight to defund ObamaCare—and what the actual chances are of successfully defunding it—as they are about the legislation itself. In an effort to wade through all this BS, RedState has created a list of “Ten Myths Used Against Defunding ObamaCare on the October 1 Appropriations Bill,” paraphrased below.

1. “Conservatives like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are threatening to shut down the government.”

For the last time: LEE AND CRUZ DO NOT WANT TO DEFUND THE GOVERNMENT. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. They want to fund the government—without ObamaCare. If the fight over ObamaCare results in a government shut down, it will not be the fault of Lee and Cruz. It will be the fault of Harry Reid and President Obama.

2. “It’s a better strategy to delay rather than defund.”

A delay will achieve absolutely nothing. End of story.

3. “Obama is ‘salivating’ over the chance to blame Republicans for a government shutdown.”

Apparently Obama “leaked” this to the media himself. If he really believed defunding ObamaCare would lead to Republican ruin, then he would go ahead and let them have their way. However, he’s not—and actions speak louder than words.

4. “Obama would NEVER sign a bill defunding his namesake legislation.”

There’s more than enough evidence to prove that ObamaCare is an unworkable mess. The 2014 Senate races are just around the corner, and the GOP would only need one-third of Americans to oppose the legislation to potentially paint the entire Congress red. Furthermore, 21 House Democrats voted to postpone the individual mandate. Obama must see the writing on the wall.

5. “ObamaCare will continue to be implemented even through a government shutdown.”

No, it most likely won’t.

6. “The problem will be solved by a short-term 60-to-75-day CR which will delay the debate until ‘early- to mid-November.'”

Actually, a 75-day CR would expire on December 17, leaving the door open to force a surrender by threatening to take away Congress’ Christmas vacation.

7. “Republicans have lost every budget show down they’ve ever seriously fought.”

Not true in the slightest:

In 1995-6 House Speaker Newt Gingrich was unapologetic about his desire to shut down the government in order to achieve a balanced budget.

So what happened?

The public turned against Gingrich only after he cowered. The GOP picked up three seats in the Senate. It retained control of the House with 227 seats and lost only three. Clinton would have been ousted had Republicans not nominated a stand-for-nothing nasty old man as their candidate. And the negotiations springing from that conflict produced a balanced budget and fiscal austerity. It was the most successful legislative strategy in our lifetime.

The second most successful strategy was in July 2011, when conservatives — holding back the GOP leadership — stalled the debt limit for a month. Obama’s poll numbers went down 10 points and, although not our preference, the impasse-related sequestration is being lauded by the stand-for-nothings as the only successful thing Congress has done.

8. “Even Lee and Cruz admit behind closed doors that this fight won’t result in a defunded law.”

This is a lie which hopes to promote apathy among the American people. Very recently, conservatives have taken a stand against both Obama’a gun control and immigration initiatives, and both are looking less sure by the day. Who’s to say the same can’t happen with ObamaCare?

9. “Defund supporters have argued themselves that if the defund bill fails in the Senate, Republicans need to come up with a savvy alternative to shutdown.”

There has been absolutely no indication of this anywhere.

10. “ObamaCare is inevitable because of the Democrat-controlled Senate, and Obama will not sign a bill blocking funding for the legislation.”

A majority of House Republicans need neither the Senate nor Obama to shut down ObamaCare. Without a CR, the IRS cannot enforce the mandate. All that’s needed to block ObamaCare is unified Republican opposition.

Defunding ObamaCare IS possible. Stand with Sen. Ted Cruz and enlist in the Defund ObamaCare Army NOW.

  • dwood

    All Dumbocrats lie, but Obozo is the biggest practitioner of the Big Lie who ever lived (If you tell a lie, make it big enough, and tell it often enough, eventually the majority of people will believe you; you know who said that?)! The incomprehensible thing is that the majority of people are stupid enough to believe his lies! that’s what I can’t fathom!

  • mike rea

    unfortunately, as much as America needs to impeach obama we will then have that idiot of a vice pres. in the office. Talk about going from the frying pan to the fire. I keep praying a little common since breaks out during the 2014 elections