“Don’t Fund It” petition to defund ObamaCare breaks one million signatures

million-smAn incredible and positive accomplishment was achieved Labor Day morning: More than a million people have signed the “Don’t Fund It” petition to defund ObamaCare.

“Don’t Fund It” is the official defund ObamaCare petition of the Senate Conservatives Fund. It is endorsed by Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, former Sen. Jim DeMint and Heritage Action. DeMint and Heritage Action spent the last two weeks of August conducting a “Defund Obamacare Town Hall Tour” urging Americans to speak out against ObamaCare. Clearly, their efforts have not been in vain.

However, despite this victory, there is still opposition to defunding ObamaCare amongst the GOP establishment. The people must continue to spread the word about the defunding effort, for if we don’t stand up and declare our opposition, no one will ever listen.

Enlist in the American Liberty PAC Defund ObamaCare Army here.

  • Steve Poteet

    Well, I just got a glimpse of how this Obamacare is going to work…. Working through the Mega insurance companies: United, Humana, Aetna,and etc. They are offering those that have no insurance with preexisting condition a lower rate, with low co pays, and low co pays on prescriptions until the mandate to allow preexisting condition comes into play…. then the person with the preexisting conditions rate WILL increase.. How much?? they don’t know or wont tell you. It will make a person with preexisting condition unable to pay the higher premium thus be without insurance, again… then the person that can’t pay due to the higher premium will, through their payroll, pay 1% of their income the first year, and the second year 2% of their income, a PENALTY because they work, and their employer can’t afford to insure them.
    Please share this with EVERYONE… THIS IS REAL PEOPLE !!!
    This is a tax that will not be instituted to the employers that have more than 50 employees till after the midterm election because the congress and senate are afraid of losing seats.. DE FUND THIS ATROCITY. NOW !!!
    PLEASE READ AND SHARE !! SHARE !! The reason I know this is because it will effect my wife and her ability to work in the future, without being taxed to death!!!

    • http://www.kerribarber.com Kerri

      Steve, please cite your source for this. I am not aware of any such action by the companies you mention. In fact, these companies can no longer single out a person based on gender or preX conditions. Further, they can only rate up by age at a certain percentage across the entire population.

      Also the penalty does not apply if the premium (through employer provided or private pay) insurance is more than 9.5% of monthly income. That person can get a hardship waiver and pay no penalty. In that case, there are still many options available on the private market. Please check your sources, something isn’t right.

      I will say, politicians, PAC members and journalists can say anything they want- BUT a licensed agent is bound by law, under penalty of jail time and heavy fines- to be honest about what is now and what is coming. Please talk to someone you trust in this regard to help sort through what is clearly not part of the law.

  • Edward Clark

    Stop Obamacare!!!