Five steps for the GOP to defund ObamaCare

doa3Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are urging their fellow Republicans to defund ObamaCare, but for varying reasons much of the GOP establishment is afraid to pull the trigger. They would rather wait for ObamaCare to collapse under the weight of its own flaws and repeal it after it’s already been implemented. In response to this hesitation and apathetic opposition, Deroy Murdock has penned an article for National Review detailing five steps the GOP can take to defund ObamaCare.

1. As Republicans control the House, “the birthplace of spending bills,” they should write a bill containing language which funds everything except ObamaCare. This is, in fact, Cruz and Lee’s plan.

2. Adopt the Left’s strategy of giving bills “delicious titles.” Name the bill to defund ObamaCare the “Keep Government Open Act of 2013,” thus abolishing the notion that Republicans want to shut down the government.

3. The House should pass the bill immediately after Congress reconvenes on September 10. That way, Senate Democrats and Obama would be given three weeks to debate the bill, until October 1. It will also force House Democrats to choose a side between the people who hate ObamaCare, and the president who wants shove it down our throats.

4. With news cameras filming, every House Republican she march the newly passed bill through the U.S. Capitol and to the doors of the Senate chamber. It would be an invaluable showing of solidarity.

5. During the three weeks the Senate has to debate the bill, House hearings should showcase the victims of ObamaCare:

These might include Americans who now work part-time because their employers are confronting Obamacare’s rising costs. Medical-device manufacturers should detail how Obamacare’s fresh tax is unplugging new treatments. Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa Jr. should explain why he wrote that Obamacare will “destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the backbone of the American middle class.”

These hearings will be covered by conservative media, news will spread, and public pressure could push enough Democrats to vote for defunding ObamaCare.

All of these steps combined make a far better choice than some of the GOP’s current “wait and see” strategy. We cannot simply wait and hope for ObamaCare to fall apart after it’s already been implemented—we need to defund it NOW.