The RINO Says: We’ll fight ObamaCare next time, or maybe the time after that


House GOP leaders are trying their hardest to pass trick bills defunding ObamaCare, and Senate Republicans—outside of Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and their co-sponsors—seem entirely apathetic. With Oct. 1 looming, and the American people declaring their disdain for the health care law, now is not the time for Republicans to ruin their chance to beat this bill.

Stop acting like a bunch of bickering RINOs and get together to give the people what they want, GOP: Defund ObamaCare.

  • http://none Benjamin Fox

    If you don’t destroy it now it will grow, just like anything that will kill you, cut it out now or it will grow until your dead. Later is too late and won’t be cured but will take your life in time.

  • big club

    defund Obama now!!!!

  • dwood

    November 4, 2014, RINO and Hyppo hunting season begins.