ObamaCare exchange websites don’t work, Internet responds

After months of reports of website glitches and unreadiness, the ObamaCare online exchanges have miraculously launched without a single problem.

Just kidding. There are problems galore, and the Internet is all too ready to point them out:

And just in case the above evidence isn’t quite current enough for you, here’s a screenshot of Healthcare.gov as of 4:12 PM EST:

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 4.12.55 PM

And it’s tried to refresh itself at least six times now, to no avail.

  • rabrooks

    For God’s sake, don’t do this to yourselves! If these dodo’s are doing this bad with just user operations, imagine how bad they are with user and data security. There are four sciences or arts involved here. Bet they can’t guess what they are. WHy do I get the feeling that they are mixing PC’s and MAC’s because that’s what the users like.
    In this business arrogance and ignorance can get very expensive! And even more expensive IF you can find someone who will fix it for you, and won’t chop your nuts off in the process!

  • http://AmericanLibertyPac Betty C Rader

    I don’t believe there are enough jails or prisons to hold us all. Just refuse to join!

  • John Michael Saraceno

    When will people wake up and defy joining…this program is suppose to be the law of the land…then if we are a country that is ruled by law why then is anybody exempt…how can it be constitutional if the law of the land does not apply to everyone….how can this law be even considered fair…it is forced on citizens with a penalty if you don’t make the purchase…it price gouges the young and healthy and in their later years when it is most needed you are discriminated against that you are too old and it is not feasible to keep you alive because it is cheaper to let you die versus keeping you alive and this is not determined by a medical board it is determined by a non medical board the IRS…How can any reasonable person accept this tyranny?

  • edward siegel

    how can you belong to a unamerican anti christian . ,lyng org.like this……….maybe you will be happy when big bussiness become the dictators of the country,