San Francisco Chronicle tells people to ‘consider reducing your income by working less’ to get Obamacare subsidy

doa3Let’s be honest: Obamacare is unaffordable. On Saturday, the San Francisco Chronicle pointed just that out, noting the fact that there’s a sharply significant increase in health care costs for many Americans: If you earn just $1 more than the qualifying limit for federal subsidies, you’ll have to pay thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars more for insurance than you would otherwise.

So how does the SF Chronicle suggest you take advantage of Obamacare’s subsidies? Why, by reducing your income by working less, of course!

Welcome to the welfare state, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s bad enough that people living on welfare and food stamps have proven they will resort to stealing when given the chance. The welfare state promotes the idea that it’s a rational economic decision to remain purposefully unemployed, as one gets more money by receiving federal entitlements than one would get working a low-salary job. Now, Obamacare is compounding the problem by making it a rational economic decision for the average American to earn less money; and if more Americans purposefully work to earn less money, there’s less money being contributed to the common good—money that’s needed to keep Obamacare financially viable.

This is another economic crisis waiting to happen. Defund Obamacare NOW.