Connecticut Obamacare navigator is confirmed felon

identity-theft3Somehow, some way, as many as 31 states do not require background checks for Obamacare “navigators,”—people who have been hired to help enroll Americans in the insurance exchanges and who have access to sensitive personal information including Social Security numbers, financial information, and health records. Connecticut is one of the states that does require background checks; and yet, there is a confirmed felon being granted access to everything needed to commit identity theft:

Open records obtained from Connecticut show that one navigator for that state’s exchange was allowed to work despite a Class B Felony conviction (Connecticut’s Class B Felonies are punishable by 1 to 20 years in prison).

AccessHealthCT declined to disclose the navigator’s name or the charge associated with the conviction, citing privacy protections. It noted the felon navigator’s sentence had been suspended, and the criminal act had occurred more than 19 years ago. The navigator has had no convictions since then, according to AccessHealthCT.

Records also showed that three Connecticut navigators had been approved to work despite prior misdemeanors in the past decade.

In fact, a whopping 21 applicants for navigator positions in Connecticut were flagged in background checks, including people with multiple and recent felony convictions. Only 17 of those applicants were denied.

When dealing with such sensitive personal information, vigilance is paramount. Apparently, though, the folks running the Connecticut Obamacare exchange don’t seem to care.