U.S. plummets to 46th in the World Press Freedom Index

Reporters-Without-Borders-Why-Europeans-Must-Protect-Snowden-2Freedom of the press in the United States has taken an ugly nosedive in the last year. According to the 2014 World Press Freedom Index the U.S. ranks 46th, down from 32nd in 2013:

Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and the Justice Department’s seizure of Associated Press phone records — all reasons why the United States has fallen to 46th place in the 2014 World Press Freedom Index released Wednesday by Reporters Without Borders.

That’s down 13 places. The U.S. was 32nd in the 2013 index.

“Countries that pride themselves on being democracies and respecting the rule of law have not set an example, far from it,” a press release on the new report read. “Freedom of information is too often sacrificed to an overly broad and abusive interpretation of national security needs, marking a disturbing retreat from democratic practices. Investigative journalism often suffers as a result.”

Some of the countries ranking higher than the United States include Ghana, Botswana, and Romania. Finland, the Netherlands, and Norway top the index.

The sooner we can take down the NSA, the better.

  • dwood

    Only 46th? With Chris “Goebbels” Matthews leading the pack, I would think we’d be tied with Nazi Germany!

  • Edgar Longenecker

    An arrest petition, signed up, by congressional, do nothings, for, high crimes, and, misdemeanors, should, bring this freak, to a screeching, halt… It’s only because, of, govern mentals, that, he is getting away with his sadomasochistic, need, for a boot, in his, BURROck… Edgrrr… Michelle, will, save us, as soon as she decides to care about her, children….

  • Mark I

    When the voting public placed someone in the nations’ highest office that has never served in the military, the abuses of power manipulation are kept out front, not hidden within a cadre of soldier experiences. Leading by example used to mean that you were proud of what you have done and what you are doing. Now it appears to mean, “look what I can do?”

    • Edgar Longenecker

      No provision, in, all our laws, to, relieve, a, sleeper cell, of, duty…??? A citizens’ arrest, for, a citizen, yet, no, congressional, arrest, by, an entire, congress…FBI… CIA… BATFE… or, any other, alphabet, gangster…??? Edgrrr…