White House estimates 20% haven’t paid Obamacare premiums

Jay CarneyWhite House press secretary Jay Carney has finally admitted that a fair number of Obamacare “enrollees” have not yet paid their premiums:

Carney was asked how many of the enrollments the administration has been touting have paid. “We don’t have specific data that’s, you know, in a reliable enough form to provide,” he concluded.

“We can point you to major insurers who have placed that figure at 80 percent, give-or-take, depending on the insurer,” Carney said.

That means at least 20 percent of enrollments, or one million, don’t have coverage. Official figures probably won’t be released until well after the open enrollment period has passed.

Despite Carney’s excuse, there is reliable data out there. Goldman Sachs estimates that once open enrollment closes only 4 million Americans will have paid, versus the 5.5 to 6 million the Obama administration will say have enrolled. Of those, just 25% are expected to be previously uninsured.

Similarly, a survey by consulting firm McKinsey and Company found that only 77% of “enrollees” will pay before the deadline, with only 27% being previously uninsured. These estimates put total true Obamacare enrollment between 3.85 and 4 million by the end of March.