White House estimates 20% haven’t paid Obamacare premiums

Jay CarneyWhite House press secretary Jay Carney has finally admitted that a fair number of Obamacare “enrollees” have not yet paid their premiums:

Carney was asked how many of the enrollments the administration has been touting have paid. “We don’t have specific data that’s, you know, in a reliable enough form to provide,” he concluded.

“We can point you to major insurers who have placed that figure at 80 percent, give-or-take, depending on the insurer,” Carney said.

That means at least 20 percent of enrollments, or one million, don’t have coverage. Official figures probably won’t be released until well after the open enrollment period has passed.

Despite Carney’s excuse, there is reliable data out there. Goldman Sachs estimates that once open enrollment closes only 4 million Americans will have paid, versus the 5.5 to 6 million the Obama administration will say have enrolled. Of those, just 25% are expected to be previously uninsured.

Similarly, a survey by consulting firm McKinsey and Company found that only 77% of “enrollees” will pay before the deadline, with only 27% being previously uninsured. These estimates put total true Obamacare enrollment between 3.85 and 4 million by the end of March.

  • Christian/Conservative

    Wow, I do not like to degrade people to get my point across. But I have absolutely no doubt that a truly liberal minded person is about as sharp as a marble. And it only took the ones in the White House six years to figure this out. Man, I must be way smarter than I give myself credit for. I did research on socialized medicine when all of this ignorance was being ran through the senate on a razor rail. No country on earth with a socialized medical has the same quality of doctors you have with a free enterprise system. Everybody talks about our northern neighbors having it so good. Do some research lefties, they come here for the specialized care just as most developing countries do. Good Day, God Bless

    • dennisbanderson

      I like watching that 4 eyed little goof. If it were in the year1535 he would be wanting to take down Nastradamas for King Obama. Im sorry I like parrots but not a Carney. Hey Obama Care was so bad Obama was trying to sell it to the Mexicans.

  • Raymond Vath

    If Obama Care is so good, why is President Obama heartlessly delaying much of its implementation to the millions who need his wonderful health insurance?

    • Jerry

      If its so good what isnt Obama signed up and what is congress excempt

  • http://NO Paul W. Linnes

    He should be but it will not do much other than get him out of office. The Senate as it now stands will not finish to job as was done with Bill Clinton. I can’t remember but it might be yet that if he is all the items put into law will be reversed. I don’t know if that is still true.

    • David S. McQueen

      No, if Obama is impeached by the House and removed from office by the Senate, the laws on the books would still stand. Biden, being a staunch idiot, would also keep the EOs Obama has issued.



  • American

    This Jay Carney actualy comes out with the damn lie’s how does he face reporters knowing he is lying! With a straight face no less!! sure beats the hell outta me!!!

    • das_aardvark

      The very nature of a Liberal flies in the face of God, embracing the satanic characteristics of denial and rebellion. Satan, while actually a neuter fallen angel, is not called the “father of lies” for nothing, though it should be the “mother” of lies; the father plants the seed but the mother generates the being. Jay Carney, being a flaming Liberal from mouth to anus would be well depicted as the face under the tail of Satan in the famous painting “The Devil Presenting St. Augustine with the Book of Vices,” oil on wood by Michael Pacher[http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/media/129085/The-Devil-Presenting-St-Augustine-with-the-Book-of-Vices]. For the sake of the question, call Hussein Obama the surrogate Satan and Jay Carney the surrogate Mouth of Satan. That ought to answer the question.

  • American

    Who in they’re right mind thought this would work it was doomed from start!! Obama spent four years shoving this crap dowm the throats America didn’t want!!The damn whole country is faling apart because of this phony in W/H … He needs to be removed from office Immediately.!! Enough of destroyibg of our country…..This nightmare has to end!!!!!!

  • Steve Moore

    2.9 million are paid by the state it’s call madcaid so J.C numbers are miss leading but that’s common practice from the WHITE HOUSE so the true numbers are less than 1 million that have paid and 95% of them already had insurance.

    • Mary

      I cannot afford this crap. My premium went up 3X’s what I was paying before. 50 and UNINSURED thanks to this Prick Obama. There have to be MILLIONS like me. I am a pretty average person not poor not rich, but I cannot afford SHIT insurance for 3 times more.

      Get rid of them all!

      • American

        I hear ya loud and clear!! Lets do it in November!!!!

        • ELI


  • Jon Exner

    The major reasoning behind this hole healthcare program that has become known as obamacare was to provided medical coverage for 30 million uninsured American citizens.
    They have been touting that a success would be to get 7 million registered by the end of March. It appears as though they have 5 million signed up leaveing them 2 million short of their goal but 23 million of the original target of 30 million still without coverage. They now acknowledge that only 80% actually paid up which means there is 20% signed up but not paid up which translates to 1 million less than what they are claiming.
    So the true numbers are 5 million signed up minus the 1 million unpaid which reduces the total to number with policies to 4 million. The original number of 30 million uninsured would only be reduced by 4 million which means that the total of people who were uninsured has supposedly been reduced by 4 million which leaves 26 mill of uninsured people still without insurance.
    Now here is the kicker.
    Has anyone seen the infamous Juan Williams on FOX state on several occsasions that the 5 million people who have signed up shows that there is a real hunger out there for obamacare? I have and just once I would like one of the other panelists to point out the following to mr. williams.
    There have been millions of American citizens who had health insurance and were happy with what the had. Many of them had serious health issues to include cancer treatment. They were blind sided by the great lie, the great decepter, president obama promised, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance, etc, etc. LIE after LIE was told to the American citizens.
    Here is the point that should be make to mr. williams, when you have an insurance policy that you like and thought you could keep it and you had a doctor and you liked your doctor and you thought you could keep your doctor and you were receiving cancer treatment and thought you could keep your cancer treatment only to find out the the Great LIE told only to insure that the bill was passed and we could read it afterwards to find out what was really in the bill. mr. williams is it any wonder that there would be a great hunger for obamacare insurance policies after the American citizens policies had been forcefully terminated and people were left without any insurance policy and were told that the only place they could get a new insurance policy was to go to the healthcare exchanges and sign up for a policy that you must have in order to save your life.
    So of the 4 million people who have signed up paid up and now have an inusrance policy, just how many of those 4 million were forced to take a policy they do not like as opposed to the insurance policy they had taken from them. Subtract that number from the 4 million and guess what mr. williams and president obama, nancy pelosi and harry reid you have done very little to help the uninsured of this failing nation but you have been a great success at screwing the American citizens.

    • American

      Do you believe 5 million have signed up???? I for one do not!! They are a bunch of liars!!!!
      This administration has no idea what the truth is!!!!!!!

      • Jon Exner

        American if that is all that you garnered out of my post this country is in deed big, big trouble!

      • ELI

        Heck no!

    • http://AmericanLibertyPac Robert S. McGillowey

      This White House From Obama on down to Holder, Jay Carney are the most dishonest in American History. They LIE about every aspect of what they are suppose to uphold, The Constitution.
      They are purposefully trying to make America go insane. All on the knowledge that, We The People , according to All Democrats, would be called Racist to even question This Black President. Most people don’t care about skin color only that being competent in carry out The Oath of Office.
      IRS, Bengazi, Fast & furious, Black Panthers intimidation at the poles, executive orders (who knows how many) on and on. Now Obama Care.
      We are going to have to challenge this White House on these points and appeal Obama Care.
      Our standing in this World is becoming back bone less.

      But all this said, I know the Good Lord is not done with the United States of America just yet.
      Stay tuned The White House and all Democrats think they are winning what they have turned into a game, being in politics.
      As quickly as Obama came into destroy this country it all can be reversed. The midterm elections and the 2016 election for (finally ) a new President will change the direction of this Great Nation. God is still in control We The People, consider this our last Wake Up Call.

    • David S. McQueen

      I thought Obama said there were 40 million people in the USA without health insurance. So if only 4 million signed up (supposedly), that means there’s 36 million people out there without health insurance. Big whoop.

  • David Hamby

    Of course it. Obamacare (The Affordable Health Care Act, I would certainly like to know who ever thought it was,) was designed to fail from the very beginning because the Obama administration wanted the single payor program from the start, to be able to convert our country into a socialist dominated one. I’m wondering just how much of the banking business that this administration still controls, after all of those they bailed out of trouble in the 1.9 trillion dollars subsity program, as well as the other programs & companies that were given “so called loans,” but aren’t loans suppose to be repaid with interest? If not, Why not???????

  • Tina

    If the White House admits to 20%… you can sure it is more like 50%…. Obama is such a liar!

    • dwood

      He is the father of lies, the prince of lies, the greatest practitioner of the Big Lie who ever lived, and lying incarnate!

      • American

        Are you saying Obama is a liar????? ROFLMDAO!!

        • dwood

          Yes, if you tell a lie, make it big enough, and tell it often enough, eventually the majority of people will believe it. The only time Oliar ever told the truth was when he said that he would fundamentally transform America, just like Hitler who in his Sept.1, 1939 speech to the Reichstag said that he had put on his ‘old soldier’s coat’ and vowed not to take it off until victory or death. It was the only promise he ever kept.

    • ELI

      liar,liar pants on fire

  • Terry Davis

    All the concerned cover-up comments from Obama and his supporters regarding Obama care sign-up are pointless as it was designed to fail as it is an interm step toward Single Payer Insurance totally controlled by the government which will control what care the people receive. If insurance companies survive they will be controlled by the Government. It is all in the Saul Alinsky plan Obama has bought into and is following to transform America to a Socialist State.

    • Jim Scarlott

      I’m Glad I’m not the only one who has seen all along this was designed to fail, so that the Government can step in and take over.

      • dwood

        Me too!