Liberal DA claims ISIS behind concealed carry movement

Photo: Randall Goya/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

Efforts to enact national concealed carry reciprocity are backed by the terrorist group ISIS, a New York City district attorney falsely claims.

“This bill is supported I am sure by ISIS,” Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance told radio host John Catsimatidis, referring to the “Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act.”

” I think Congress members have to think long and hard about whether they want to play into the hands of these terrorists . … You could get up in the morning in Manhattan, drive to Vermont, buy loaded weapons, and bring them back to New York by dinner [under the bill],” Vance said, The New York Post reports.

“So a guy from Idaho, where there is no permitting requirements whatsoever, could carry his gun into New York City loaded into Time Square,” Vance said on Catsimatidis’ program “The Cats Roundtable.” “If the law passes, there could be as many as 2 million more loaded guns coming into the city every year … and would increase the danger to our communities and to our cops .”

“Does anyone really think that the gun laws in West Virginia should be the same gun laws that apply in Washington Heights in Manhattan?” Vance asked.

The Constitution does not allow for local exemptions.  Concealed carry reciprocity has nothing to do with gun sales in Vermont. Also, gun dealers do not sell “loaded weapons.”

Vance is the son of Cyrus Vance, Jimmy Carter’s Secretary of State, who pushed for closer relations with the Soviet Union.  After his service as Secretary of State, Vance pushed for closer relations with the Iran.

HATE: Video of NE Dem Wishing Scalise Was Killed

Democrats, the party so adamantly against hate, are sure filled with it.

Here Nebraska Democrats Phil Montag is caught on tape wishing demented Bernie Sanders volunteer James Hodgkinson had finished the job and killed Rep. Steve Scalise during his rampage.

Will Montag become a national figure as the media picks up his hate-filled rhetoric and blasts it into every corner of the country? Or is this the only place where you are likely to ever hear of this incident and nothing will ever happen to Montag?

Caution: NSFW language in video

Fake News media caught misleading again about guns and kids. Here are the facts.

Photo: Randall Goya/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

“KIDS AND GUNS: SHOOTINGS NOW THIRD LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH FOR U.S. CHILDREN,” Newsweek screamed in a bold, all-caps headline.

“Children are dying because of America’s lax gun policies,” shrieked The Washington Post.

The stories refer to a recent article in a medical journal claiming 1,297 “children” die each year from gunshot wounds.

Any premature death is tragic, but as with nearly every gun story in the mainstream media, they are intentionally misleading readers in the hopes of provoking terror.

So what’s the real story?

While virtually every mainstream media story on the study is accompanied by a photo of a toddler, in reality, 92.3 percent of the “children” cited in the article are teenagers.  Most of those are older teens.

Only 7.7 percent of those firearms deaths are among those 12 years old or younger.

They are intentionally misleading readers in the hopes of provoking terror.

But the real story is how those gunshot deaths occurred.

While the mainstream media phrase their stories to make it appear all these deaths are the result of preventable accidents, reality once again debunks liberalism.

According to the study, 91 percent of those 1,297 deaths are suicides, or homicides.   Crime statistics consistently show that among those homicides, most are older teen gang members shooting each other.

Most of those firearms homicides are in cities that ban guns.

Of the remaining nine percent, a third are of unknown cause or due to “legal intervention,” which means a police officer or civilian shooting someone to defend their life.

That leaves accidental deaths by firearms — the cause the media try to make appear responsible for all 1,297 deaths.

In reality, only about 78 of those 1,297 were due to firearms accidents.

While still tragic, that’s only 0.6 percent of all firearms deaths for those under age 18.

A look at 2015 statistics from the Centers for Disease Control reveal that among the causes of accidental death for people under age 18, firearms rank only tenth.

Deaths from land transport, excluding bicycles and cars, accidentally kill twice as many young people as firearms.

Are the mainstream media running hysterical headlines about ATVs and horses?

No.  But then again, they’ve never been honest.

Any death of a young person is tragic, and 78 deaths from firearms accidents is 78 too many.

But it’s flat-out dishonest and unethical for the media to run headlines and stories making it appear a lack of anti-gun laws is killing 1,300 children.

That’s a lie, and the media should be ashamed of themselves for their amoral, dishonest politicking.