Judge rules on liberal college professors’ concealed carry suit

Photo: Pixabay

Three left-wing professors found out the hard way the Constitution and the rules of real life go into effect once they step outside of bubble of a liberal college.

The University of Texas instructors sued the State of Texas over a new law allowing concealed carry permit holders to exercise that right while on a public university campus.  The three claimed in their suit that the law robbed them of their First Amendment right to free speech because, they claimed, they feared being shot and killed by permit holders if they expressed their opinions on abortion and other political topics.

U.S. District Judge Earl Leroy Yeakel III threw out their suit Thursday, ruling that such a claim was “mere conjecture” and that fictional scenarios with no basis in reality do not constitute actual violations of rights.  The case was dismissed.

As it is often said, liberalism is the belief that your psychosis should be everyone else’s problem.

Not only is the fear of being shot by a conservative concealed carry permit holder not based in reality, reality dictates the opposite.

Since their suit was filed, at least 30 Republican members of Congress have been threatened, assaulted or shot by liberal activists.  Reality dictates that if anyone should fear being shot for expressing a political opinion, it should be the people targeted by a long, endless and growing number of liberal activists picking up guns and shooting people for having a different set of beliefs.

If liberals would stop shooting people we wouldn’t need gun control.

The University of Texas itself was the site of a mass shooting by a former student suffering from a brain tumor.  His mass slaughter was stopped when armed citizens on and around campus began returning fire, forcing him to seek cover until police could find and kill him.

But while reality swirled around the University of Texas campus, the school itself was protected by its thick liberal bubble.  Students protested the new concealed carry law by waving around giant plastic penises, which failed to stop reality.

The organizers of the mass penis-waving were even invited to the White House by Obama, which failed to stop reality.

The case was filed by Dr. Jennifer Lynn Glass, the Barbara Bush Professor of Liberal Arts; Dr. Lisa Moore, the Archibald T. Hill Professor of English and Women’s and Gender Studies; and Dr. Mia Carter, an associate professor of English and Modern Studies, who were given a failing grade by legal scholars.

What you didn’t learn in Conceal Carry Training. And how this information could change your life.

Image: Target shooting, Kelly McCarthy. Now’s the time to think about the consequences of pulling the trigger in a defensive situation.

Pulling that trigger is something you need to have thought about BEFORE you ever have to do it. Could you shoot a kid? No? Could you shoot a kid with a gun aimed at your wife? Maybe? Could you shoot a pregnant woman? Never? Could you shoot a pregnant woman with a gun to your kid’s head. Would you shoot a gunman threatening a clerk in a convenience store if you’re safely hiding at the back and in no immediate danger? Could you shoot your wife? Are you going to risk your life for a stranger? Are you willing to endure the court case? The massive hit to your finances? To even, possibly, have to move town because people won’t believe that what you did was necessary. So many ifs, right?

Here are the steps that COULD follow a defensive shooting:

  • Shots Fired
  • 911 Call
  • First Responders
  • Local law enforcement supervisors
  • Detectives – In some places the ADA will be dispatched
  • Investigation/Questioning
  • Prosecutor Determination
  • Trial Phase
  • Sentencing
  • Appeal Process
  • Civil Trial

See what I mean. Being the hero can get you in a whole world of trouble? That’s why I am probably only going to draw and shoot if I’m saving someone with the same last name as me.

Reporting a defensive shooting

So you pulled the trigger. You need to prepare for how you would report a defensive shooting. Rule No. 1. Don’t incriminate yourself. The 911 operator is not your friend but is trained to keep asking questions which are being recorded. Keep it simple.

  • Dial 911
  • Report there’s been a shooting.
  • Give them your name and the address you’re at
  • Tell them who is in the house/building. (Maybe send the kids next door if they are present.)
  • Describe any injuries and whether you need EMS
  • Describe yourself, your clothes. Put your weapon on the floor or in clear sight. (Unless you are using it to subdue a criminal.)
  • If you are insured with an organization that provides an attorney, call them. If you have an attorney call them.
  • Tell the police the bare minimum. Be cooperative but spare the details. Say only:
    • Officer, I was in fear of my life/my family member was threatened and at risk of losing their life. (You would not pull the trigger to save property. The fallout is NOT worth it for something insured or inanimate.)
    • I will sign the complaint.
    • Be helpful and show them what the assailant used to attack you.
    • Introduce any witnesses.
    • Tell them you are invoking the Fifth Amendment until you have had time to talk to your attorney and calm yourself down. You should say you’ll be back within 24 hours to talk to them. Be prepared to be arrested. And be prepared to spend a long time being questioned.
    • Remember to say: “If he/she survives I want to press charges.” Remind everyone that you’re not the aggressor here.