Gene Stilp, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Campaign Coordinator: I think there’s more energy now that they realize what has happened in this election.

“What has happened” is—after liberal donors shelled out more than $700 million to put Hillary Clinton in the White House … Donald Trump won. And that prompted a national freak out on the left.

Since the election, hundreds of groups have formed to convert the disappointment and tears into something more productive: organized resistance. Stilp is Pennsylvania’s Democratic Party congressional campaign coordinator. We caught up with him at a rally in March on the steps of the state capitol.

Stilp: We have basically an idiot running the government right now and attempting to run the government, or I think he governs by Twitter. I think he’s one of the worst presidents we’ve ever had. And that’s why he’s not my president; but how do you stop him?

For many, the answer lies in taking a page from the enemy; the conservative tea party movement that caught the nation by surprise in 2009. Tea party advocates overran town halls, lashing out against big government and Obamacare.

Now, in 2017, a mix of new and established liberal organizations have partnered to use tea party tactics to stop the Trump agenda. We repeatedly asked national organizers for interviews, but they declined. So we sent our cameras to some field events to meet local organizers.
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