The RINO Says: If I say the Tea Party is doomed often enough, sooner or later it’ll be true


In July 2010, Sen. Lindsey Graham told a New York Times reporter that he believed the Tea Party would “die out.”

We all know how that turned out.

Even so, Graham still believes the Tea Party is no threat to him. Clearly, he thinks that as long as he keeps blindly repeating the mantra, eventually one day it’ll be true.

The Hyppo Says: If I’m talking about campaign financing, I’m lying


When it comes to campaign financing, as the Republican National Committee has pointed out in a brutal memo, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is the biggest liar and hypocrite of all:

“Harry Reid is having a bad month,” the memo begins. “He was caught funneling campaign money to his relatives. His Senate Majority PAC was caught lying to voters. And he was caught hypocritically accepting money tied to people he calls ‘un-American.’ As he desperately clings to power, is there anything Harry Reid won’t do to promote his own self interests?”

What was that you were saying about the Koch brothers, Sen. Reid?

George Will believes Obamacare can still be repealed

GeorgeWillObama believes the debate on Obamacare is over, but conservative commentator George Will believes otherwise.

In an extensive interview with the Daily Caller, Will had the following to say about Obama’s (still) much maligned legislation:

“Of course [Obamacare] can be repealed,” Will explained in this segment of the interview. “Or it can be repealed piecemeal. And certain things Obamacare wants to achieve are nice: make insurance more portable, to try to do something about people with pre-existing conditions. That’s fine, but there are lots of ways to do that.”

“The president says lots of debates are over because he is losing them,” Will continued. “The debate on Obamacare is over. The debate on climate change is over. The debate on the effectiveness of universal pre-care is over. Every time he says something is over you know there is a lot of inconvenient evidence that he is sweeping under his increasingly mound-like carpet where he puts inconvenient evidence. Of course it can be changed.”

Do you hear that, Dems? Of course it can be changed — and you better believe it.

Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer tied to $67M Ponzi scheme

1390970919000-SteyerIf radical billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer didn’t seem bad enough already, new documents have revealed that he was deeply involved in an alleged Ponzi scheme that siphoned tens of millions of dollars from foreign investors:

Steyer, the founder and former senior managing partner of Farallon Capital Management, was listed as a top corporate officer of a Farallon fund that was named as a defendant in a 2005 lawsuit filed by those investors.

Other parties allegedly involved in the scheme have since been arrested on charges of financial fraud involving the project that allegedly provided the vehicle for the scheme.

Details of Farallon’s involvement came to light through a civil lawsuit in Texas alleging that Farallon and a number of other individuals and corporate entities were complicit in a scheme to defraud German real estate investors of $67 million.

This is bad news and bad timing for Steyer. He recently pledged to raise $100 million to elect Democrats to Congress through his political group, NextGen Climate Action. However, there’s a catch: He will only provide the money so long as Obama doesn’t go through with the Keystone XL Pipeline.

What a meddling, scheming, self-serving dirtbag this man is.

Greg Gutfeld: The green movement is ‘anti-poor’

66293445Tuesday was Earth Day, and Fox News host Greg Gutfeld took the opportunity to point out a cold hard truth: that the green movement is extremely “anti-poor”:

Gutfeld noted that although none of 1970′s environmental doomsday prophecies have come to pass, the debate over proper environmental protection policies rages unabated.

“The only problem with this is that the hysteria is actually worse than the calamity,” he claimed, “because we are drawing danger to something that’s less dangerous than other things.”

“For example, we are condemning coal when billions of people around the world would die for coal,” he continued. “They would love to have a carbon footprint. Instead they are burning dung and they’re burning twigs inside their houses, killing 4 million people.”

“The big story here is really how anti-poor the green movement is,” he asserted. “There are 3 billion people who need heat. They need coal. And instead we’re lecturing them on fossil fuels and the evil of coal, and that’s just ridiculous.”

Watch the video here.