5 Easy and Not So Easy Steps to Drain the Swamp

By  Guest Contributor Sep 22, 2023 AF Branco For purposes of this article, The Swamp, is defined as the permanent bureaucracy which decides which regulations should be enforced, which ideas from the temporary political appointees should be scuttled or moved forward, who gets hired into the bureaucracy and the disbursement of federal largesse through grants […]

Federal App Allows Massive Number of Illegal Aliens to Just Fly Here

By  Guest Contributor Sep 22, 2023 Not all illegal aliens are entering the U.S. along the southern or northern border, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. Over the past year, “more than 200,000 people from four countries” used a direct-flight parole program to enter the United States illegally, says Todd Bensman, senior national security fellow at the […]

7 Takeaways From Merrick Garland’s Testimony to House Panel

By Guest Contributor Sep 21, 2023 Attorney General Merrick Garland declined to answer questions on a wide range of matters Wednesday in sworn testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. Garland testified that he couldn’t remember whether he talked to FBI personnel about the investigation of first son Hunter Biden and didn’t know how many confidential informants entered the Capitol […]

Told you so…

A few weeks ago, I suggested that Michelle Obama was a likely candidate for President in 2024. Democrats are finally facing the fact that nobody wants another Biden term.  Vice President Kamala Harris is a dumpster fire.  And California Governor Gavin Newsom has taken himself out of the running — if he ever had a […]

Here it comes – Global Censorship courtesy of WEF

By Kelly Sep 15, 2023 The World Economic Forum (WEF) has instructed major web browser company’s to begin blocking websites deemed “undesirable” by the globalist elites. WEF Orders Firefox, Chrome & Safari To Start Blocking ‘Blacklisted Websites’ The information war continues as the #WEF2030Agenda lose ground to truth seekers. So now they are attempting to pass […]

Don’t you dare call it an invasion!

President Biden’s open border policies have created massive problems in our nation.  That’s not news to anyone. New York Mayor Eric Adams has been wailing about the cost of illegal aliens who were bussed to his city from border states. 🚨 NYC Mayor Adams wants federal assistance to help deal with migrants.@DominicTV explains how the […]

Biden’s Evaporating Support Among Minorities Can No Longer Be Ignored

By  Guest Contributor Sep 18, 2023 For years, organizations like Americans for Limited Government Foundation have been warning the political class about the working-class minority departure from the Democratic Party, and now that shift can no longer be ignored. The beltway elite have largely written off incremental shifts among minorities to the right as inconsequential, […]

Gaetz calls out McCarthy for “Lying like a dead dog”

By Kelly Sep 18, 2023 Rep Matt Gaetz has had it with Speaker McCarthy and calls him “pathetic”. He also says he’s “lying like a dead dog” around the 5 minute 40 secs mark reminds the interviewer that this not about impeachment it’s about the deal the Speaker made back in January: Term Limits, Balanced Budget, […]

New Mexico Governor’s ‘Insanely Unconstitutional’ Gun Edict Gets Court Ruling

By Kelly Sep 15, 2023 A federal judge has blocked New Mexico Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s emergency public health order restricting gun rights following a few shootings. “This was inevitable for an order that everyone—except, apparently, the governor herself—knows is insanely unconstitutional,” Amy Swearer, a senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Signal in a […]

If they’re such a boon to the economy…

…how come we need new taxes to pay for them? Leftists and open border advocates keep telling us that illegal aliens are really good for our economy. And, obediently, the mainstream, fake news media parrot that lie. Fact is, illegal aliens cost a ton.  The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates that the net cost […]