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You can’t make this up…

The craziest stuff pretty much always starts in California.  And the real crazy starts in [...]

This is not your father’s FBI

Not too many years before the declining quality of its cars forced the Oldsmobile division [...]

What’s a greater threat to the US Navy than China, NoKo or Russia? – This is…

The US ‘Washington Times’ recently stated that the US Navy is facing rust, a ‘much [...]

Master class from De Santis in post-Ian recovery

You know he’s doing it right when the media aren’t talking about him. The Matlacha [...]

Biden Blows Through Strategic Reserve – Ignores Elephant in Room

All the buzz on CNBC today is about oil prices. Everyone is mad at OPEC [...]

Kanye West Speaks Out on Social Issues – Hellfire Rains Down On Him From Liberal Media

Kanye West – now legally called Ye – told Tucker Carlson in an interview that [...]

ATF Lose Thousands of Guns and Parts…Again

—> ATF Lost Thousands of Guns and Parts…Again — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) September 28, [...]

Tensions rising in the South China Sea

China’s growing assertiveness against other claimant states in the South China Sea, and Japan in [...]

Shady Elites & Big Tech “We Own the Science”

Melissa Fleming is the Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications. A career bureaucrat, she formerly served UNHCR [...]

Electric cars are hot!

Sadly, often too hot… I’m not a big fan of electric vehicles.  I think they [...]