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Poetic justice?

Private jets intended to fly to the Global Warming conference in Dubai can’t actually get [...]

Saving our nation, one life at a time

Rand Paul is a bit of a hero of mine.  He is unwavering in his [...]

Ever like a Trump Tweet or Facebook post?

If you did, then they’re after you. Special Counsel Jack Smith seems to think you [...]

Will Pandemics Usher in Their New World Order?

By  Guest Contributor Nov 28, 2023 Each nation in the world has its own culture, [...]

Hmm, about that sea level fraud from NASA

By Guest Contributor A quick tour of the remarkable sea levels by Tony Heller. [...]

Thanksgiving Then and Now: 2019 vs 2023

A.F. Branco: Thanks-grieving As we head into a big election year voters will be asking [...]

The Shutdown Bogeyman

November 21, 2023 by Robert Ringer New House Speaker Mike Johnson seems like a nice [...]

Why’s the CIA Head in Kyiv? Why is Soros Jr talking “rebuilding”? Did Biden just blow $111 Billion*?

By Kelly Nov 17, 2023 CIA Director Bill Burns traveled to Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian [...]

Tucker: Should this man go to jail for mocking Hillary Clinton?

By Kelly Nov 17, 2023 On January 26, 2021–six days after Joe Biden was inaugurated– eight [...]

Did Joe just name his successor?

By Kelly Nov 16, 2023 President Joe Biden gave rave reviews to his potential understudy California [...]