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As California goes…

So many of the really terrible ideas floating around in our country originate in California. [...]

She was once third in line to the Office of President

There’s partisan.  And there’s really partisan,  And then there’s Nancy. She was once two heartbeats [...]

State reporting strong fiscal results going into 2024 uses basic Reaganomics

By  Guest Contributor Jan 5, 2024 Heading into the 2024 legislative session, Iowa is in [...]

Aren’t you generous, picking up the tab like that?

Biden’s border disaster is really starting to hurt — us. In fact, estimates are as [...]

Over 65 million mail-in votes cast. 20% fraud.

A new report claims that nearly 20% of the mail-in ballots cast in the 2020 [...]

China Reverses Course on Population Planning

The 20th century was full of attempts to centrally plan population. Scientists like Paul Ehrlich [...]

If the cops are sheltering inside, who is out protecting the citizens?

The old saw about the inmates running the asylum is way too mild for what’s [...]

Automakers Wake Up to Reality

By  Guest Contributor Nov 3, 2023 CLAYTON, GEORGIA—Driving through rural Georgia, I have yet to [...]

Gun Control Advocates Ignore What the Founding Fathers Really Thought

In all my years of existence, the Second Amendment of our Constitution has always been [...]

7 Takeaways From Merrick Garland’s Testimony to House Panel

By Guest Contributor Sep 21, 2023 Attorney General Merrick Garland declined to answer questions on a wide [...]