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The Road to Tyranny Is Paved with Chaos

February 14, 2024 by Robert Ringer Men claiming to be women leads to chaos.  Funding wars [...]

Schumer admits this was their plan all along

By Kelly Feb 9, 2024 We knew this was coming because none other than Chuck Schumer [...]

A really low bar…

President Biden is mentally impaired.  We all know it.  Still, some in the media are [...]

Joe is obviously sick – but be careful what you wish for with the 25th Amendment. A play by play.

By Kelly Feb 9, 2024 The special counsel in the Biden classified document case says that [...]

The House Republicans who shot down the Mayorkas Impeachment

By Kelly Feb 8, 2024 In a significant setback for House Republicans, their months-long endeavor to [...]

SCOTUS UPDATE: CO attorney should have worn his “Big Boy Pants”!

By Kelly Feb 8, 2024 The Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS) is [...]

Breaking: United States Constitution Bill of Rights ends at the Pacific Ocean!

I love Hawaii.  It’s a beautiful place — albeit a bit far away.  Beaches are [...]

Can you multiply 4 x 15? You’re freaking Einstein compared with these college students!

By Kelly Feb 7, 2024 We are so doomed. How can this be possible? Why do [...]

Who should replace Ronna as next RNC Chair? Our top 3 picks!

By Kelly Feb 7, 2024 Our top three grassroots candidates for the Chair of the Republican [...]

Is Bidenomics working for the Black population?

By Kelly Feb 7, 2024 AF Branco – Black Votes Matter In the United States, the [...]