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Can Democrats Legally Swap Biden Out for Another Candidate?

BY GUEST CONTRIBUTORJUN 27, 2024 If Democrats seek to swap out President Joe Biden for another candidate on [...]

CNN Sets Itself on Fire Before Hosting First Presidential Debate

BY GUEST CONTRIBUTORJUN 27, 2024 At a time when CNN should be convincing the nation that it was [...]

Trump v. The Deep State. This time it’s serious.

BY KELLYJUN 27, 2024 Democrats consistently underestimate Donald Trump and dismiss him as a political idiot. [...]

Joe is obviously sick – but be careful what you wish for with the 25th Amendment. A play by play.

By Kelly Feb 9, 2024 The special counsel in the Biden classified document case says that [...]

Who should replace Ronna as next RNC Chair? Our top 3 picks!

By Kelly Feb 7, 2024 Our top three grassroots candidates for the Chair of the Republican [...]

Is Bidenomics working for the Black population?

By Kelly Feb 7, 2024 AF Branco – Black Votes Matter In the United States, the [...]

Buried in the McConnell/Schumer Border Bill – The Ultimate Swamp “Stop Trump” clause.

By Kelly Feb 6, 2024 We ran the entire Bill HERE yesterday, and it’s certainly worth a [...]

Breaking: Trump Trial Updates

By Kelly Feb 6, 2024 So this just happened! A federal appeals panel ruled this morning that Donald Trump can face [...]

What is wrong with him?

I will admit, Trump was not my first choice for President this year.  My wife [...]

Feds Spent $20 BILLION On Migrant Refugee Assistance

By Guest Contributor Jan 25, 2024 An all-time high in illegal entrants at the border creates [...]