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Biden’s Support from Independents Hits a Record Low, Democrat Support Wavers

By  Guest Contributor Dec 1, 2023 President Joe Biden continues to trail former President Donald [...]

2024: A Year Like No Other

December 2, 2023 by Robert Ringer It’s hard to say what the direction of the country [...]

The Left Thinks We Won’t Uncover this Fraud – But it’s Happening!

By  Guest Contributor Nov 29, 2023 You can see it with your own eyes. But Democrats and [...]

“Mr. Trump, we’ve got your back” – “He’s about the money not politics”. Huge vote switch threatens Democrats 2024

By Kelly Nov 29, 2023 Black voters are more disconnected from the Democratic Party than they [...]

Nikki Strangelove: ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.’

By Guest Contributor Nov 21, 2023 The movie “Dr. Strangelove,” a Cold War comedy satire, [...]

Nikki Hayley proving that the Swamp runs in her veins

By Kelly Nov 17, 2023 Nikki Haley’s proposed edict to end internet anonymity because it’s a [...]

As Biden turns 82, reality sets in as 2024 approaches rapidly with Trump still leading polls

By Guest Contributor Nov 20, 2023 Another week, and amid more calls for President Joe Biden, [...]

Tucker: Should this man go to jail for mocking Hillary Clinton?

By Kelly Nov 17, 2023 On January 26, 2021–six days after Joe Biden was inaugurated– eight [...]

Biden Chose Venezuela Over Canada for Oil

By  Guest Contributor Nov 15, 2023 The United States needs more heavy oil for a [...]

6 Bizarre Examples of How Voter Registration Fraud Happens

By  Guest Contributor Nov 7, 2023 Tennessee prosecutors charged 10 people with voter fraud last [...]