Pelosi making trouble again

Trump took a different posture from the 36 Republicans who saluted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her saber-rattling last-ditch attempt to win Dem votes by traveling to Taiwan and infuriating the CCP. Like most sensible people who have worked out that this is a TERRIBLE time to poke the dragon, Trump criticized Pelosi Tuesday for her decision to visit Taiwan as China launched a military response by putting 21 fighters in the air, launching a massive military exercise surrounding the island nation, and stopping Taiwanese food exports at their border. Reprisals are imminent and as yet unknown in scope. Both American and Taiwanese businesses are nervous of the outcome.

Within minutes of Pelosi’s arrival in Taipei late on Tuesday local time, China’s official news service Xinhua published a map showing planned military drills in six locations surrounding Taiwan, including in its territorial waters. One zone was marked only nine nautical miles off the island’s southwest coast. This will disrupt food supplies.

“Why is Crazy Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform. “Always causing trouble. Nothing she does turns out well (Two failed Impeachments, loss of House, etc.). WATCH!” he added.

Americans might well ask “Why?” – She’s not in charge of foreign relations. She did not represent the Administration who were opposed both to her visit and the message she delivered to the Taiwanese government, which was at odds with current US foreign policy.

China reacted dramatically. Their internet almost crashed as the nation followed the visit online with the Chinese people demanding action including “shoot her out of the sky”. Watch the best reporter I have found in Beijing, Eunice Yoon of CNBC. Watch all of this. She makes a great point about the Chinese president being made to look weak – and what that might trigger.