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How does this happen?

I’m no constitutional scholar.  And the last constitutional law course I took was something over [...]

Globalists Want Anyone But Trump And Their Slate of Candidates Proves It

By Kelly Jul 12, 2023 Expect Never Trumpers to re-emerge from the woodwork just as they [...]

DoJ pro-Biden bias on display for all to see

By Guest Contributor Jul 11, 2023 In a stunning twist, the Biden DOJ indicts Dr. [...]

End slavery in America!

Oh.  Wait.  Didn’t our country fight a civil war about 150+ years ago to do [...]

Actor James Woods nails intent of digital currency

By Kelly Jul 7, 2023 He’s right. Once they can control how and what we [...]

Sold state secrets?

President Biden is well-known for gaffes, misspeaks, jumbling words, etc.  Sadly, he’s been doing this [...]

Global Super élites “trust each other” – Ain’t that swell?

By Kelly Jul 6, 2023 This is how disconnected from us they truly are. We are [...]

Net-Zero demolished

By Kelly Jul 6, 2023 Ian Rutherford Plimer is an Australian geologist and professor emeritus [...]

Grover Cleveland’s Veto of a Taxpayer-Funded 4th of July Celebration Holds an Important Lesson for Modern Americans

When the city council of Buffalo, New York, sent the mayor a measure to fund [...]

It’s not a win for conservatives…

…it’s a win for the Constitution. Everywhere I read that the recent Supreme Court decisions [...]