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Memes aren’t news, until they are.

This meme has been circulating for a while now.  It backs up what I’ve been [...]

Clark Griswold was wrong about roundabouts says John Stossel

Hate it when you’re the only car stopped at a light? Roundabouts are a solution [...]

The electric grid can’t handle electric vehicles!

Some people think I’m crazy when I claim that our electric grid can’t handle the [...]

How many White Supremacists are on your Christmas Card list?

According to our current President, it’s likely — or maybe even certain — that you [...]

Is your mailman spying on you?

Mixed in with all the bizarre proposals coming out of Washington these days, you might [...]

Are Electric Cars A Potential Disaster?

Let me paint a hypothetical situation for you — but it’s not all that hypothetical [...]

Democrats’ ‘Ghost Gun’ Apparition

Gun control measures enacted in recent decades have failed to stop mass shootings. This has [...]

Stan Evans

It looks like the GOP might do pretty well in November (but let’s not discount [...]

Trump wins!

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is historically the largest gathering of conservative activists in [...]