Congress is no longer working for the American people

This Ukraine/Russia mess is not just destabilizing the region, but messing with our internal politics as well.

I have no real idea how we decided that a border war in Eastern Europe became of vital national interest to the United States, but here we are.

Anti-war Democrats are all-in on shipping money and weapons to Ukraine.

Some, not all, Republicans are opposed.  And every time one of them opens their mouth, they are accused of being pro-Russia.

I kinda think Russia is the bad guy in this situation.  But that still doesn’t make it our problem.

We fought two hot wars and one cold one in the 20th century over there.  I’m done.  If Europeans think it’s important, they can invest their money and the entire military might of the European Union in Ukraine.

I think we have bigger problems to deal with right here at home.

I think it’s long past time that our elected officials pay attention to America, not some foreign adventure.

Secure the border.  Balance the budget.  Take care of veterans.  Cut taxes.  Cut regulations.  Make America energy independent again.  Tame inflation.  And on and on…