Electric folly!

I’ve written about electric cars and trucks in the past.  I personally think they are nuts.

I’ve detailed some of the problems with electric vehicles:  limited range, extended length of time to charge, lack of available charging stations — especially in an emergency situation, stress on our already overburdened power grid, and so much more.

But this one is really, really insane.

Last time I researched this issue, the effective range of an electric tank was about 50 miles.  So once your tank runs out of juice, you need to stop and recharge.  For the next half hour or so (if there are fast chargers available — likely powered by a diesel generator) you’re dead.  And if the enemy is still running on gas/diesel tanks, you’re a sitting duck.

Plus, batteries to power that electric tank are very heavy and very bulky — especially when compared to fossil fuel powered tanks.  And if you’re carrying batteries to run your tank, they take up room that would normally be used for ammunition.  Remember, this isn’t a Sunday drive in the country.  These tanks have only one purpose — breaking things and killing the enemy.

And if your ammunition is left back at base, you’re not going to be very much use for either.

Please, please, put adults back in charge.  This stupid stuff has to stop…