Fighting Radical Gender Theory Indoctrination in Schools

Radical gender theory is a catch-all term for academic queer theory, transgender ideology, and gender identity activism.

The premise of this ideology is that sex and gender are socially constructed—that is, they are human inventions used as instruments of power, rather than features of objective reality. Radical gender theorists argue that white, European men invented the “gender binary,” or division between man and woman, in order to oppress racial and sexual minorities. They believe that this system of “heteronormativity” must be exposed, critiqued, and deconstructed in order to usher in a world beyond the norms of heterosexual, middle-class society.

In order to facilitate the destruction of this system, radical gender activists promote synthetic sexual identities, such as “pansexual,” “genderqueer,” and “two-spirit,” and neo-pronouns, such as “ze,” “zim,” and “zir.” The goal is to replace notions of biological sex, the male-female binary, and the nuclear family with “queer alternatives” and “a world beyond binaries.”

Some strains of academic queer theory also support eliminating prohibitions on child pornography, valorizing transgressive sex, and permitting adult-child sexual relationships.

Radical gender theory is now being taught in public school districts, publicly-funded nonprofits, and gender activist organizations throughout the United States.

This man, Christopher Rufo, has put together a parents’ guide to fight its insidious introduction into schools. You can download his Guide here.