Gotta wonder what happens in that empty head?

So, our United States President thinks that “White Supremacy” is the biggest threat to our country.

Never mind:

Expansionist China and the Chinese Communist Party

Or the Russia-Ukraine war that threatens to spill over into the rest of Europe and could even become nuclear.

Or a tanking economy at home.

Or out-of-control inflation.

Or the crime wave in our big (Democrat-run) cities with murder, theft, rape — all immediately forgiven by woke prosecutors.

Or a tidal wave of illegal aliens flooding our southern border.

Or massive overspending bankrupting cities and even states.

Nope.  None of these.

Our President thinks White Supremacy is the biggest threat to our nation.

I, for one, don’t know any White Supremacists.  And I’m pretty old.  If they are such a threat, you’d think I might have met one or two along the way.

But for the President, he’s really short on issues so he makes them up.