Haven’t we had enough of her yet?

Like a bad penny, she keeps coming back.

There’s not a left-wing cause she doesn’t support — loudly.

She said “How dare you” for wanting to keep our houses warm and drive our cars to work.  Wonder who pays her heating bill?

She sailed to a climate change conference to highlight wind power and underline her opposition to fossil fuels.

And then demanded money for a plane ticket home.

I really want her to shut up and get a job — but she is so unwilling.

Her latest tirade is in support of Hamas terrorists.

And some poor climate activist who supports Israel is roughed up and forcibly removed when he disagrees with her radical stand.

I do not understand why she has any kind of podium.  She’s just a kid with no experience.  She’s not that bright or telegenic.

Why do we keep having to hear her nutty views on EVERYTHING?