How is this my problem?

OK, this is going to be one of those “get off my lawn” rants my kids keep accusing me of.

But I have no idea why I (meaning me and other hardworking taxpayers) have to pay someone’s student debt.

The left likes to claim it will bring a huge boost to the economy when all these young adults are freed from debt they took on willingly.  I have no idea how that works.

You take money from me at the point of a gun (voluntary tax system???) and use it to pay off someone else’s debt.  Debt that they voluntarily agreed to and presumably now have the benefit of.  But they don’t want to pay because “it’s so hard.”  And they think I should pick up the tab for their education instead.

I paid for my kids’ education.  Every cent of it that wasn’t covered by the small academic scholarships they received.  They went to a state university and graduated in three years to save the Old Man some bucks.  Now they are both gainfully employed in good jobs with good futures.  Oh, by the way, neither one was a “gender studies” major.  They took sensible degrees and got sensible jobs.

Now, somehow, President Biden thinks I should also pay for kids whose degrees are not worth as much as they thought, or who got decent degrees and now just don’t want to pay up as it will adversely impact their lifestyle.

How is it fair to ask me or someone who never went to college and still has a good job to pay the debt these kids took on willingly?

Senator Ernst is right.  The Supreme Court has already turned this down.  Biden thinks this will gain him votes from young people — and maybe their parents.  I am less clear about that.  And it’s illegal.