Like it or not, you’re paying off student loans!

Shame on you if you saved for your kids to go to college.  Or didn’t go to college yourself.  Or paid off your college loans.  Or paid your own way to go to college.

Democrats think you’re stupid.

And they’re paying off student loans for people who took out a loan.  Reaped the benefits of that loan.  And stuck you with the bill.

Unfair?  Definitely.  Illegal?  Probably.  Unreasonable?  Undoubtedly.  Great moral hazard?  You bet.

Contracts no longer matter.  Don’t feel like paying off your student loan?  OK by the Democrats.  And you and I will be picking up the tab.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has no sympathy for regular folks who did it the right way.


Her “let them eat cake” attitude tells us all we need to know about the modern Democrat party.