Maybe, today, we will get some answers about the origins of COVID and the research behind it

Rand Paul vows to get answers on COVID-19 origins in gain-of-function hearing, argues there is significant evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic originated in a Wuhan, China, lab. He is incensed that after two years and many US deaths there has not been a Congressional hearing into the pandemic’s origins.      

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has already issued a warning to Dr. Anthony Fauci: If the GOP takes back Congress in the midterms, be prepared to testify under oath regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout this pandemic, Dr. Rand Paul has led the effort to hold government officials accountable on the status of efforts being made to combat COVID-19, and the origins of this virus that has killed over 6 million people worldwide,” a spokesperson for Paul told Fox News Digital.

This has been over a year-long process of getting Congressional Democrats to finally agree to a hearing, which will also be the first Congressional hearing on gain-of-function research. Dr. Paul looks forward to working with Subcommittee Chairwoman Hassan and hearing from expert witnesses during this critically important hearing that should’ve happened long ago.

The hearing, which is scheduled for Wednesday, comes a week after the Kentucky senator attempted to pass an amendment to the CHIPS-Plus Act that would have banned U.S. funding of gain-of-function research in China, with Democrats objecting to the amendment despite it passing unanimously in an earlier version of the bill last year. FOXNews  

And here? Proof.