Nikki Hayley proving that the Swamp runs in her veins

Nikki Haley’s proposed edict to end internet anonymity because it’s a “security risk” overlooks the fact that it endangers individuals with unpopular opinions. It also shows that she is a Big Gov fangirl in favor of surveillance.

But maybe not of herself. Story below.

Will this hurt her run for the presidency? Maybe. Trump is so far ahead in the polls it’s going to be tough for anyone else to crack the nomination. Yet, Vivek Ramaswamy, another GOP presidential contender, is cranking up the feud between them following their spat at the last GOP Debate. He has a few comments about her. He thinks she’s in it for the money.

He may have a point.

At the height of her career, Nikki Haley’s parents were so short on cash they were about to lose their home. So she quit the Trump administration—and made millions. How? By following a tried-and-true playbook for politicians looking to cash in on their fame. Speeches to companies like Barclays and organizations such as the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs provided more money in a day than Haley had previously earned in a year. It’s not clear how many talks she gave from 2019 to 2021, but Haley hauled in $2.3 million from just 11 events in 2022.

She wrote two books after leaving the Trump administration. A 2019 memoir sold more than 100,000 copies. A 2022 title provided more than $350,000 in advance payments. Haley also offered consulting services, generating more than $700,000 in fees. Then there were corporate boards. She became a director of Boeing in 2019, then stepped down the next year, collecting over $300,000 in cash and stock. Haley remains on the board of the United Homes Group, which has provided her with more than $250,000, as well as the promise of earning much more as equity grants vest down the road…

…Before assuming the role [of UN Ambassador], Haley had to file a financial disclosure report. It showed a small portfolio — just the rights to her book, a couple of pensions and a bank account with less than $15,000. Not included on the disclosure were what appear to have been her two largest assets, a $350,000 home in South Carolina and the $400,000 mortgage she held on her parents’ properties. Federal law does not require officeholders to disclose their personal residences or notes they hold from their family members, leaving the American public largely unaware of Haley’s financial situation. (Forbes has more.)

Allied Defense Contractor Company is a “military technical services company”—an apparent shell entity tied to a government contractor seeking tax credits from her successor’s administration. It appears that as much as $500,000 of her husband’s net worth derives from it. There is no evidence that Haley or her husband, Michael Haley, have broken any rules. However, the materials suggest the family could benefit financially from state and federal policy, including from the export of military equipment to Taiwan. Daily Beast

According to this report over on Daily Caller, she met with several Wall Street executives in a series of events on Nov 14th in her bid to be the Republican nominee for president, including BlackRock CEO Larry Fink. Later that day she pushes for an end to anonymous social media accounts, something this famous Democrat supporter is very keen on.