One more government violation of your freedom.

The federal government — and that includes both Democrats and Republicans — want to limit your freedom.

In a country built on the idea of individual liberty, that liberty has become inconvenient for those governing us.

They want to rule us.  They want us to be subjects, not citizens.

And they use every little opportunity to make us a bit less free.

Now this may not seem like a big deal.  And, as usual, they have some lofty-sounding rhetoric to justify it.  But it’s all nonsense.

It’s about control.  Nothing less.

In just-passed legislation, the feds granted themselves the power to stop you from driving your car.  Starting in 2026, all new cars must be equipped with a kill switch that can be activated remotely.  Sounds good, right?

Think about those car chases that will never happen because they’ll just turn off the getaway vehicle.

Or the stolen cars that will never be stripped and sold for parts.

What’s not to like?

Of course it will never be used to stop a law-abiding citizen going about their business.  Or flipped to off when they decide you’ve already driven enough this month.  Nope, government never oversteps like that.

Or do they?

(Please pardon the salty language here.)

I, for one, never trust the government with this kind of power.  The Founding Fathers were lots smarter.  They wrote the United States Constitution to limit the power of the government.  We seem to have lost sight of that.