Reparations for this?

We know Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley is a leftist.  She was elected from Cambridge, Massachusetts for Heaven’s sake.  Home of Harvard.  And a bunch of really, really leftist professors and administrators and students and hangers-on.

No big surprise she’s way beyond Woke.

But this one takes the cake.

Congresswoman Pressley things reparations are due for the War on Drugs.  Black and brown communities have been hit hardest and deserve the proceeds from cannabis (weed) sales.


Some people make the case that reparations are due for the descendants of slaves.  I violently disagree, but at least they were brought here against their will.

Not so with drug users and dealers.


By some twisted logic (or something) she wants us to believe that drug dealers should be getting a piece of the action from legal weed sales.  I guess that now they’re out of business, it’s a kind of severance pay…