SCOTUS UPDATE: CO attorney should have worn his “Big Boy Pants”!

The Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS) is currently hearing a case that could shape the future of American politics. At stake? Former President Donald Trump’s eligibility to run for a second term. This pivotal moment has the potential to impact the 2024 election and set a significant legal precedent.
As we await the outcome of today’s clash on the Colorado ruling to kick Trump off the ballot under Sec 3 of 14th Amendment we should remember that neither Trump nor his associates, nor any of the 1,260+ J6-ers have been charged, let alone convicted of insurrection. And that on January 6, Donald Trump was still President of these United States.

We should also acknowledge that the nerdy leftist attorney for Colorado, Jason Murray, has walked into a bear trap. He was slapped by SCOTUS which is pathetic as he clerked for Gorsuch on the Tenth Circuit and Kagan on the Supreme Court and they both smacked him around today.