Shady Elites & Big Tech “We Own the Science”

Melissa Fleming is the Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications. A career bureaucrat, she formerly served UNHCR as Head of Global Communications and Spokesperson for the High Commissioner where she led global media outreach campaigns, social media engagement and a multimedia news service to distribute and place stories designed to generate empathy and stir action for refugees.

She understands how to manipulate BIG Tech and its algorithms. Now she says the UN “*own* the science on climate change”, and they have worked with Google to make sure the algorithms show only UN information. Which of course is skewed to the man-made climate change story and ignores volcanic activity, “heat island” effects from heritage weather stations which are no longer in the open, ice core data which suggest CO2 has been much higher before and any and all debate on this contentious issues on which they have decided that the “science is settled”.

Here she is speaking at the World Economic Forum (naturally), and can clearly be heard to announce: “We own the science”

And the WEF acolytes are ready to help. Remember this from last week?