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James Woods SCORCHES Dem wannabe

By Kelly Dec 8, 2023 James is a voice of reason from Hollywood. Gavin Newsom chimed [...]

LOL! California power company threatens what we all feared!

By Kelly Aug 14, 2023 Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)’s CEO Patricia Poppe has finally said [...]

Without power, electric vehicles too big to be door stops.

There’s an old saying that a gun without bullets is just an expensive club. Or [...]

You can’t make this up…

The craziest stuff pretty much always starts in California.  And the real crazy starts in [...]

But, but, legalization was supposed to stop this…

I’m not a big fan of legalizing weed.  That puts me at odds with a [...]

I hate to tell you I told you so…

The Democrats’ push to force us to drive electric vehicles in a misguided attempt to [...]

Are they really this stupid?

The answer is, I guess so. California is set to implement regulations forbidding the sale [...]