I hate to tell you I told you so…

The Democrats’ push to force us to drive electric vehicles in a misguided attempt to stop “Global Warming” — in itself a leftist fantasy — is a disaster and is only getting worse.

A number of states, including Virginia, Massachusetts and Washington, have committed to following California off the cliff by tying their environmental policies to those of the nutters out west.  So at least in those states, there will be no sales of gas-powered cars starting in 2035.

Thousands of words have been written about the actual environmental cost of those electric vehicles, but it’s been largely ignored by the mainstream media.

But they can’t ignore the simple fact that we do not have the critical infrastructure in place to allow us to make the transition (no matter how dumb it is) to electric vehicles.  And there are no plans in place to address that shortfall.


Folks living in California, and the other states who follow it, better get used to walking.