The Case against Ozempic – and so much more.

Tucker Carlsen, Ep. 72. “If a fish tank is dirty, you clean the tank. You don’t drug the fish.” Calley Means makes the case against Ozempic.

This interview is important if you want to understand how our health as a nation has severely declined.

Right now, 50% of US teens and 80% of adults are overweight. Infect right now, over 50% of Americans have pre-diabetes, 33% of young adults and teens

Just watch to see how the government/Deep State/NWO is keeping us this unhealthy by paying to fill us with sugar and then control the outcomes with dangerous Big Pharma products – for life – that haven’t been approved for human use in Europe.

The company, Novo Nordisk, makes almost all its profits from the US market where the “miracle drug” is driving people to suicide, causing stomach paralysis, and permanently harming people.

Interestingly, this drug is being fast tracked and the American Academy of Pediatrics which is recommending Oxempic as a first line of defense for teens to fight obesity.

Shockingly, the NAACP is a registered lobbyist for Novo Nordisk and is paid by them to say it is a civil rights issue. Essentially, you are a racist if you don’t support Ozempic.