Told you so…

A few weeks ago, I suggested that Michelle Obama was a likely candidate for President in 2024.

Democrats are finally facing the fact that nobody wants another Biden term.  Vice President Kamala Harris is a dumpster fire.  And California Governor Gavin Newsom has taken himself out of the running — if he ever had a chance anyway.

Now, finally, Senator Ted Cruz agrees with me.

I think former President Barack Obama has been pulling strings in the Biden Administration.  Remember, none of this was supposed to happen.  Hillary was supposed to beat Trump and continue the Obama agenda.  She messed up and messed with Obama’s plans.

So they got Biden nominated next as the easiest candidate to “handle.”

What they got was a way-past-his-prime placeholder that can’t even deliver a speech from a teleprompter.

Time to move on.

Michelle is next.  Wine women everywhere rejoice!