Trump voters get what’s coming to them…

Those annoying Trump voters are finally getting what’s coming to them — at least some of them are.

Remember the old days of “e pluribus unum” — out of many, one?  That explicitly stated (in Latin, of course) that our strength as a nation was our unity of purpose.

But that doesn’t seem to be fashionable these days.  Nutty Nancy Pelosi keeps saying that diversity is our strength.  Not sure how she figures that, but math has never been her strong subject — except the math of massive campaign contributions and the math of Hubby’s insider trading.

Anyway, it’s not gotten so bad that nutters on talk shows think that when bad things happen to Trump voters it’s only what they deserve.  And so it goes with the residents of Palestine, Ohio.


I really miss the old days when we all pulled together and made a country happen.  Can you imagine standing up to the next Hitler these days?  Never gonna happen.  And I’m sincerely hoping that our enemies don’t figure that out.