What real man slaps another man?

We’ve all heard about the slap heard around the world.

I suspect that, at least in part, over-the-top coverage of this non-event is meant to distract us from nasty inflation, a disabled President and a too-dumb-to-believe Vice President.

But enough about that.  I’m going to throw my two cents in…

What man slaps another man?

“I’m so tough I slapped him because he dissed my wife.”

Really?  Is this what we’ve come to?  Has the left, along with their buddies in the “teaching” profession, done such a good job at eliminating “toxic masculinity” that this is considered acceptable male behavior?

Not where I come from.

If I need to defend my wife, it’s a closed fist shot in the nose.  Nothing else is acceptable for a man.

Oh, I gave him a good slap.

How lame is that?  You don’t defend your wife’s honor with a slap. It’s just not manly!