Who should replace Ronna as next RNC Chair? Our top 3 picks!

Our top three grassroots candidates for the Chair of the Republican National Committee

Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) is resigning after the South Carolina GOP primary on February 24th.

The Conservative (and MAGA) grassroots have been pushing for this for a while.

These grassroots have several reasons for wanting Ronna McDaniel to resign from her position as the chair.

These reasons include:
  1. Poor fundraising: Under Ronna McDaniel’s leadership, the Republican Party has experienced a significant decline in fundraising. The party’s year-end fundraising total for 2023 was the lowest it has been since 2013, and the party’s cash on hand and debt levels are also concerning. This has led to criticism from grassroots members who believe the party is not being managed effectively.
  2. Loss of grassroots trust: Many grassroots activists and members of the Republican Party feel that the party is not listening to their concerns and is not representing their interests. This has led to a loss of trust in the party’s leadership, including Ronna McDaniel.
  3. Election losses: The Republican Party has suffered several losses in recent elections, including the 2022 and 2023 elections. This has led to criticism of the party’s leadership, with many grassroots members calling for new leadership to turn the party’s fortunes around.
  4. Lack of grassroots support: Some members of the Republican Party believe that Ronna McDaniel does not have the support of the grassroots and that her leadership is not in line with the values and priorities of the party’s base.

Who should replace her? Our top picks

The grassroots want a say in this. They do not want another Swamp creature.

The three main contenders are Scott Pressler, Harmeet Dhillon, and Mike Lindell, who are all well-known figures in the Republican Party and have their own unique strengths which could make them suitable replacements for McDaniel as the chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Scott Pressler’s strengths include:

  1. Grassroots activism: Pressler is known for his grassroots activism and has been involved in various voter registration drives and door-to-door campaigning. This could help the party in reaching out to more voters and expanding its base.
  2. Social media presence: Pressler has a strong social media presence, with a large following on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. This could help the party in reaching out to younger voters and engaging with them more effectively.
  3. Fundraising: Pressler has been involved in various fundraising campaigns for the Republican Party and has a track record of raising significant amounts of money. This could help the party in financing its campaigns and activities.

Harmeet Dhillon’s strengths include:

  1. Legal expertise: Dhillon is a lawyer and has extensive experience in handling legal matters related to civil rights, employment law, and constitutional law. This could help the party in navigating the legal landscape and dealing with any legal challenges that may arise.
  2. Diversity: Dhillon is a Sikh American and her appointment could help the party in reaching out to minority communities and promoting diversity within its ranks.
  3. Political experience: Dhillon has been involved in politics for many years and has held various leadership positions within the Republican Party. This could help her in effectively managing the party’s affairs and leading it in the right direction.
  4. She is an incredible communicator.

Mike Lindell’s strengths include:

  1. Strong leadership: Mike Lindell has a proven track record of leadership, having successfully managed and led various organizations and initiatives within the Republican Party. His ability to make tough decisions and inspire others makes him an ideal candidate for the role of GOP chairman.
  2. Political acumen: Mike Lindell has a deep understanding of the political landscape and is well-versed in the intricacies of the political process. This knowledge and experience make him a valuable asset in navigating the challenges and opportunities that come with the role of GOP chairman.
  3. Fundraising prowess: Mike Lindell has a strong background in fundraising and has successfully raised significant amounts of money for the Republican Party. This is a critical skill for the GOP chairman, as fundraising is essential for the party’s success in elections.
  4. Media savvy: Mike Lindell is media savvy and is adept at handling the press and communicating the party’s message effectively. This is an important skill for the GOP chairman, as the party’s image and reputation are crucial to its success.