Are Electric Cars A Potential Disaster?

Let me paint a hypothetical situation for you — but it’s not all that hypothetical as it’s very likely to occur.  

Bear with me for a moment…

The climate hysterics keep telling us the weather is getting worse (it’s not) and more unpredictable (really?). But let’s take them at their word for just a moment.

Historically, South Florida gets a direct hit from a major hurricane about once a decade. That direct hit will trigger mandatory evacuations.

So, let’s say it’s now 2030 and we’ve all obeyed AOC and the Squad and Joe Biden and we’re driving electric cars.  Maybe the technology has gotten better by then, but we have no real way of knowing what that will be, so let’s work with what we have.

The range for electric cars maxes out at about 520 miles — and that’s for a $170,000 car. Most of the rest are under 400 miles, many under 100.

Current population of South Florida is over 6,000,000.

Mandatory evacuation in anticipation of oncoming hurricane. While studies have shown that as much as 60% of the population will heed mandatory evacuation orders, let’s work with a lower number.

If 25% of the population evacuates, that’s 1,500,000 residents on the road. Maybe 2 people per car. That’s 750,000 cars on the road. All of a sudden.

Distance from Miami to Jacksonville is about 340 miles. Unless you have a high-end car and it’s fully charged, you’re not going to make it. You’ll have to stop and charge.

Miami to Tallahassee is about 480 miles. Miami to Orlando is 234 miles. Again, most electric cars aren’t going to make those without a charge.

Now the interesting part…

It takes something around 5 minutes to fill your car with gas. And there are lots and lots of gas stations. I know, I drive a lot and constantly have to fill up my minivan.  

On the other hand, electric cars can take hours to recharge.  

Imagine a line of electric cars awaiting their turn at the charger. With a major hurricane barreling down on them.  

And I haven’t even talked about some of the other issues. Like power outages. Like no in-car AC if you want to get maximum mileage from your charge. South Florida heat and no AC. Fun drive.  

Do you see the same disaster unfolding as I do?

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