Blaze journalist to be charged for J6 – MSM journos get a pass

Journalist Steve Baker from The Blaze has evidence that the DOJ allowed two Capitol Police officers to lie on the stand during the Oath Keepers trial. What’s their response? They filed criminal charges against him.

Baker claims 60 other journalists also entered the ‘restricted space’ within the Capitol, that he did no damage and did not protest.

The Justice Department intends to press charges. He will be allowed to turn himself in to authorities in his home state of North Carolina on Tuesday morning — no SWAT required.

Baker doesn’t know what exactly he’s being charged with. The FBI agent who gave Baker’s attorney the terrible news pleaded ignorance and said he wouldn’t know for sure until a judge signed the official warrant for Baker’s arrest. It’s a perfect administrative state mystery.

Franz Kafka couldn’t have written it any better. But it happens all the time. More at The Blaze