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BOMBSHELL: 200 Undercover FBI Assets at US Capitol on Jan. 6, Congressman Estimates

By Guest Contributor Jan 9, 2024 A member of Congress investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, protest at [...]

Blaze journalist to be charged for J6 – MSM journos get a pass

By Kelly Dec 29, 2023 Journalist Steve Baker from The Blaze has evidence that the DOJ [...]

Anti-Trump House J6 Committee did not preserve records

By  Kelly Aug 11, 2023 The January 6 Committee defied a demand last year by [...]

Insurrection? I don’t think so…

Branco demolishes Schumer.  As it should be…

Why do we even bother?

Every single time I go to the polls to vote, I’m hoping for change. I’m [...]

Congressman Schiff is a jerk!

This guy exemplifies everything that’s wrong with the Democrat party.  He’s a first-class leaker, a [...]