DoJ pro-Biden bias on display for all to see

By Guest Contributor Jul 11, 2023 In a stunning twist, the Biden DOJ indicts Dr. Gal Luft, a Biden corruption whistleblower, for not registering as an agent of CEFC China Energy, while Hunter, James, and Sara Biden simultaneously collected millions from CEFC China Energy without registering, also violating FARA. In a stunning twist, the Biden […]

End slavery in America!

Oh.  Wait.  Didn’t our country fight a civil war about 150+ years ago to do just that? Then I don’t get it.  Why is some Biden appointee running to the United Nations to demand the end of slavery in these United States… …and reparations? These people are something else. I admit I’m a bit naive.  […]

Actor James Woods nails intent of digital currency

By Kelly Jul 7, 2023 He’s right. Once they can control how and what we purchase, they’ll introduce their global plan to disarm the populace and return us to peasantry. Has anyone asked how we got to this stage? Our politicians were selected to represent us – not to serve a faceless cabal of globalist […]

Sold state secrets?

President Biden is well-known for gaffes, misspeaks, jumbling words, etc.  Sadly, he’s been doing this for decades and still got elected as the Leader of the Free World.  Go figure. Anyway, the problem has gotten even worse during this Presidential term.  Confusing Iran and Ukraine (one of which was recipient of billions of dollars in […]

Global Super élites “trust each other” – Ain’t that swell?

By Kelly Jul 6, 2023 This is how disconnected from us they truly are. We are peasants, serfs, to be ignored and despised. Here, Ngaire Woods, Founding Dean of the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford and an economics professor, had this to say: “At Davos a few years ago, the Edelman survey showed us […]

Net-Zero demolished

By Kelly Jul 6, 2023 Ian Rutherford Plimer is an Australian geologist and professor emeritus at the University of Melbourne. He rejects the scientific consensus on climate change. Naturally the climate lobby hate him. Here, he exposes the fraudulent nature of the Net Zero scam in under three minutes: “The fundamentals of science are [that] […]

Grover Cleveland’s Veto of a Taxpayer-Funded 4th of July Celebration Holds an Important Lesson for Modern Americans

When the city council of Buffalo, New York, sent the mayor a measure to fund Fourth of July celebrations in 1882, conventional wisdom suggested that approving it was the politically wise and patriotic thing to do. After all, the money would pay for festivities planned by the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), a very […]

Remembering Frederick Douglass’ Great Fourth of July Speech in Context

Each Independence Day, my social media feed divides in two: half commemorates the declaration of our nation’s independence from Great Britain, while the other laments the hypocrisy that a nation founded on the idea of liberty would have simultaneously tolerated slavery. In the last few years, I’ve been pleased that both sides seem to freely […]

It’s not a win for conservatives…

…it’s a win for the Constitution. Everywhere I read that the recent Supreme Court decisions are “wins” for conservatives. I respectfully disagree. They are a win for the Constitution that conservatives support. But we didn’t win anything.  The country won.  The people won.  The Constitution won. And conservatives are happy about it. But we won […]

House Chair reveals Hunter tax evasion now in millions and evidence of corruption!

By Kelly Jun 27, 2023 House Ways & Means Committee Chairman, Jason Smith, just revealed Whistleblower testimony about Hunter Biden’s tax evasion case, now apparently, over $8 million, with Prima Facie evidence of corruption by the Liar in Chief, but all the bad guys. You know. IRS. DOJ. FBI. — Jon C Whiteman CPA […]