The Teflon Biden Family

When Clarence Thomas’ wife texted Mark Meadows that ‘the Biden crime family’ and ‘ballot fraud co-conspirators’ would be ‘living in barges off GITMO to face military tribunals for sedition she wasn’t wrong. The whole family lives a charmed, protected life devoid of all consequences. From the UK Daily Mail Joe Biden’s brother James is dragged into […]

Now at 9.1%, Biden’s Inflation Keeps Getting Worse

The June inflation numbers are a disaster, coming in at a 40-year high of 9.1%. After the Biden administration’s repeated victory laps crowing about “the fastest-growing economy in the world” and how we’re “stronger economically” than ever, the downward spiral is feeding a growing consensus that President Joe Biden and his Democrats in Congress are […]

Germany moves to war footing.

Economy Minister Robert Habeck announced on Thursday that Germany would move to Stage Two of its three-stage plan emergency plan. This is a war preparation stage. It means Europe’s largest economy now sees a high risk of long-term gas supply shortages. That’s because Germany, which gets a third of its gas from Russia, is facing a looming supply […]

Unemployed Households Earn Way More Than Min Wage on Welfare in 21 States

No wonder we’re screwed and entering a massive recession. This report sheds light on the causes of our current economic purgatory. The US economy is in a perplexing state of labor market purgatory. We have 9.3 million unfilled job openings, all while millions of Americans remain on unemployment benefits and millions more are opting out […]

Why are we selling American AI mil-tech to China?

Researchers combed through more than 66,000 publicly available Peoples Liberation Army purchase records throughout the eight-month period from April to November 2020 and identified 97 unique, high-end artificial intelligence (AI) chips ordered by the PLA. Nearly all of them were designed by U.S. firms Nvidia, Xilinx (now AMD), Intel, and Microsemi. The CSET report reveals […]

These 7 Charts Show Why Congress Must Get Spending Under Control Immediately

Millions of American families are reeling from the worst wave of inflation in more than four decades. Reduced purchasing power and shortages of basic goods, such as baby formula, have caused consumer confidence to hit record lows. Those looking to Washington for real solutions will be left wanting. Both the Biden administration and congressional Democrats are promoting tired, failed policies: more […]

Your tax dollars at work!

Ever wonder where the money lifted from your paycheck every week goes? Mostly it doesn’t go where we want it to go.  It gets spent and squandered in ways that are exactly opposite to what you and I would want.  If they set out to rip us off they couldn’t do a better job. But […]