Can you say “Super-Spreader Event?”

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe the nonsense and hypocrisy that envelops our world.

Remember how just a few short months ago we were forbidden by our rulers to even gather with family on major holidays.  No July 4th for you!  Thanksgiving?  No more than immediate family!  Christmas?  No traveling.  Stay put and keep your mask on.

And where did it all begin?

Dr. Fauci’s biological weapons factory in Wuhan China.

But now, there’s a big outbreak of Wu Flu in China.  They finally loosened up on their Zero-COVID policies with predictable results.  No herd immunity.  Questionable Chinese vaccines.  Oops!

President Biden is demanding testing of Chinese visitors.  So are a bunch of other countries.  Keep those disease-carrying Chinese out!

But how do the Chinese react?


If this was a country run by Ron DeSantis, the liberals would be outraged.